Hero Dog Awards - Clark Kent

Clark Kent

Findlay, Ohio

Clark Kent is one special rescue dog. I am a veterinary technician currently and of course see many sad cases come through my clinic. Well one October Sunday in 2019 one of the doctors answered an emergency call of someone claiming that a “stray”dog had come into their yard and was being mauled by their other three dogs. They brought him in and basically said that he was a stray even though they had already named him ghost but that they had absolutely no money to save his life. He was then surrendered to my clinic to be saved at our own cost. He was 7 months old at the time. He had several open wounds, mud in all of them, his gums were pale as a ghost. (I have videos) But despite how much pain and trauma he was in everytime we would bathe him with the special shampoo or do treatments he tested his exhausted head on your shoulder and showed how incredibly grateful he was. One he was all fixed up after about a week in hospital I connected so much with him and decided to adopt him. It’s been about 2 1/2 years later and I can’t believe what a love for life and all things living this 90 lb giant has. The love he has for life in general and just breathing can teach even the hardest soul a lesson on how to appreciate life. He absolutely loves other dogs still and shows us every day how much he loves his moms for saving him. It is pretty obvious why he is named after Superman in the first place.