Hero Dog Awards - Chewie


Watauga, Texas

We rescued Chewie (also known by his full name, Chewbacca) as a puppy, shortly after losing our senior rescue. He chose my husband, but had never met a stranger. Chewie has a gift for calming, and being very empathic towards people. He will meet people that are terrified/have had bad experiences with dogs (especially big dogs), and helping them to take those walks down. Chewie is the perfect nursery companion, and has 3 humans he calls his own (a niece, nephew, and his very own forever baby). Chewie has done many great walks, and other charity events with his people, and loves to give everyone he meets his tummy – you can’t say no to a big ol’ German Shepherd tum!!!
Chewie is a 123lbs German shepherd, who, dispute his size and breed, wouldn’t even hurt a fly. He is the picture definition of a gentle giant. Chewie is an ambassador of his breed, and along with his kitty brother, make all feel welcomed and loved. Chewie has helped bring so much comfort to us during times of pain and loss, and is our hero dog… without him, we and so many others would be lost.