Hero Dog Awards - Charlie


Manhattan, Kansas

Charlie was born 8-20-2011. I found her being given away for free in a walmart parking in the tiny town of Azle,TX. She was the last to “get rid of”, I brought her home to find her ridden in fleas, green snot dripping from her nose, covered in ringworm and anemic. I originally thought I would get her to health and find her a home doing her a favor but getting her out of harms way and an almost detrimental outcome. Charlie recovered completely in about 6 months. She grew to be my best friend and went every where with me. Little did I know this little ball of fur would quickly change my life and every animal/person that has crossed her path. I started running animal shelters and she would go to work, quickly growing into a role as “foster mom” to hundreds of cats, dogs and every animal in between. Her patience with each baby, teaching them how to be the best behaved. She also became the face of each shelter I have been in, meeting residents at businesses, nursing homes and schools to speak on animal care, entertaining countless children for summer ” camp paw-paw” classes. This little puppy has grown to be the best friend of many over the decade and helped save so many lives. I couldn’t have stumbled across a more giving pup. This dog for the last decade has not only my been hero but a hero to countless others.