Hero Dog Awards - California


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

California, to describe her is so easy but also very hard at the same time. She is the most loving intelligent dog on the planet, and here is why… Everyone knows that being a veteran and living with service related mental and physical health issues is tough, not only that, the rise of military and veteran suicides are higher then ever, which is both sad and horrible. Where California comes into play is simply this, she has saved over 8 veterans lives in here short time on this earth. She is known as a communal service animal because where one is needed you can always count on her to fill those shoes. She has changed and saved the lives of many service men and women. She is the one constant in a lot of lives. I nominate this Hero dog because she is nothing shy of just that a true American Hero. She redefines the term adapt and overcome. This ball fetching, lake and ocean swimming, love machine, beyond beautiful girl has so much to offer this world and anyone who needs love. California is a true rescue situation, unloved not wanted and thrown into shelters numerous times off and on, she was stolen several times as well. Despite all the world’s hardships to bring this girl down, she fought, she kept going and now she is more valuable then diamonds and all the gold in the world. So I ask, humbled, please vote for California, she deserves more then ever to be recognized for her many accomplishments. She is a true American hero, owned by a Marine! Semper Fi. She deserves it most.