Hero Dog Awards - Bo


Lordsburg, New Mexico

I took in Bo at 4 months from out local Animal Control Officer. He knew I wouldn’t pay for a German Shepard. He offered Bo to me, if not he would go to our local shelter. Bo has been more than a dog. He’s been my therapy , my reason to get up in the morning. My reason to leave the house to take him for his Runs/ walks in our NM desert. When we lived in AZ, he actually saved me from a rattlesnake. He alerted me with barking just as I was about to step in it’s path. Nit to mention being a great guard dog for my home. I’ve had dogs before, but Bo is really one of a kind. He protects his mama, ( me) like I would never would have expected. He’s recently turned 10 and has slowed down quite a bit. But that hasn’t stopped him from being by side always. I love my Bo more than most people.