Hero Dog Awards - Bliss


Kansas City, Missouri

5 years ago, I picked up the world’s best dog from the Lexington Humane Society. She had been at the shelter for almost 30 days before we connected. I like to think she was waiting for me.
Bliss started my career as a dog trainer in the animal sheltering system and helps me with my job every day. In this line of work, I have met an innumerable number of animals that are broken almost beyond repair. Bliss helps fix them. She has a lot of jobs and does everything from visiting schools with our humane education team to sitting quietly next to a feral puppy as they learn that people are okay. She is a true jack of all trades but her favorite job of all is that of foster sister.
Over the last 2 years that we’ve fostered, Bliss has helped at least 35 dogs find their way in this world. She’s helped every type of dog I’ve brought home but her favorite assignment of all is helping scared dogs learn how to trust and love. Bliss is endlessly patient with these dogs and shows them just how good life can be. I’ve seen her break a dog’s stereotypic pacing by laying down in their path (unprompted by me!), provide support as they wear a leash for the first time, and even lay next to them while they eat when they’re too afraid to eat on their own.
Bliss may have never pulled anyone out of a fire or inspired community change but she shows up every day to provide comfort and support to dogs who started out just like her- scared, alone and ready to find love.