Hero Dog Awards - Bella


Caldwell, Idaho

Bella arrived at West Valley Humane Shelter at age 16 as a stray..her teeth were rotten & removed along with a shattered lower jawbone. All the people that had said that they would take her, when they found of her condition refused. The shelter called me as her very last option. I agreed to foster her at least until she was well. Within four weeks she was good enough to be adopted and I adopted her. This was back in October 2021. When she came to me she was wearing a cone and her jaw was bandaged. She and I learn together how to take care of her. I am 66 years old and felt I was probably too old to take on her, but she rescued me by giving me & her a purpose & goal. I mainly took her because I knew if I did not, she was going to be put to sleep. I did not want this beautiful girl to die alone, forgotten & thrown away.. The only reason I took her was so she could die in peace, surrounded with love, love and more love. She’s with my three other misfits. And she still alive and thriving. She plays like she’s a younger dog poop Bella is a survivor. Bella is beautiful.