Hero Dog Awards - Bagheera


Hendersonville, North Carolina

Bagheera was adopted in 2018 and was a part of a cruelty case where he was shoved into a crate with another dog and left to starve. He was emaciated when the rescue got him and still had 30lbs to gain when we adopted him. We fell in love with Bagheera when we saw the rescue’s post about him the first day they had him. He was skin and bones, crusty eyes but he kept trying to give his paw to everyone he met. Bagheera was just so happy to have human contact again. He has overcome many obstacles that followed him from his past. We’ve had to work on his confidence building, remove a calcified growth on his elbow from being crated for weeks without moving. We also have gotten him past issues with sleep aggression and surgery for one of his knees. Despite all of those hurtles, Bagheera has always been such an amazing and happy dog. He instantly bonded with my husband who is a Sheriffs Deputy. It was Bagheera’s turn to return the favor in October 2021, my husband was shot in the line of duty. Luckily, the bullet hit his leg and he is still able to walk. Bagheera never left his side through the weeks after his injury. I am so glad my husband has Bagheera to fall on when I can’t be around 24/7. I truly believe Bagheera was put on this earth to be in our family and be my husband’s best friend and guardian.