Hero Dog Awards - Autumn Voegele

Autumn Voegele

Vienna, Virginia

When I heard about the American Humane Hero Dog Awards, I immediately thought of Autumn Voegele, an 11-year-old ordinary golden retriever, residing in Highland, Illinois. For Mr. and Mrs. Mike Voegle, Autumn has always been a special part of the family ever since they brought her home from a St. Louis dog shelter 11 years ago. Autumn is the ordinary golden retriever the neighbors see playing in the yard or going on walks with her family. However, in the past few weeks, Autumn has become very special to many people, and because of her actions, Autumn is a hero. Autumn’s neighbor was in the yard, fell, and was badly injured. Mrs. Voegle was in and out of the garage bringing in groceries and thought Autumn was barking at a squirrel or at another dog. Finally, a delivery driver happened to be in the area and advised that Autumn appeared to be barking for help for the neighbor. An ambulance was immediately called, and the neighbor was taken to St. Louis Hospital. If not for Autumn, there would not have been a happy ending. The neighbor is back at home, but the fall would have been fatal as the neighbor had suffered a brain bleed. Autumn’s persistent barking saved the neighbor. Thank goodness for Autumn Voegele.
Thank you for your time.