Hero Dog Awards - Augie


Spearfish, South Dakota

Augie was abandoned in sturgis sd when he was 6 months old. He was abused by his previous owner. Very afraid and had many bad traits. His owner/dad is disabled and Augie is companion animal. His dad had many dogs over lifetime and was also abused. Augie is named after his 1st dog and 1970s cartoon character named “Augie the doggie”. That dog was hero too.

Augie inherited name cause he was cutest ears and kisses to welcome his new dad. On his 1st walk through his new town Augie stopped at firehouse and found box of old sports balls . He picked out deflated basketball and carried it home for 3 miles across town. He now carries a toy on every walk. Yes he is still cutest dog ever and every car that sees him smiles and points. Teenage girls will take his photo even when light is green. Augie is quite famous all over town.

Always friendly to strangers, he has 2 adopted grandmas in building. You see Augie lives in HUD low income, he has wag and friendly pet for anyone needing him. He lets young tenants play with his toy even though they steal it from him. He gets very protective cause outside it’s his baby.

Augie gets dressed for Halloween every year and gives many cheers around town. His new role is cheer up not only his dad but anyone needing little puppy love.