Hero Dog Awards - Atlas


Trenton, Georgia

My dog’s name is Atlas.
We got him from an animal rescue in South Carolina when he was about 9 weeks old.

We were told a year after having him that there was a man breeding German Shepherds and his neighbor had a Black Lab mix that would wander. One day the lab mix got out and impregnated his female shepherd dog. She had the litter and he didn’t want them so he took the puppies into the woods in a box to set it on fire.
Thankfully a woman saw it as her property was next to his, and brought them in.
When I got Atlas he had patches of hair missing and so did some of his litter mates.

This dog became the best dog I have ever known. He has gotten me through so much and we have always been inseparable.

There was even a time he literally saved my life on the beach that I grew up on. One day the current took me under and he actually alerted the nearest people on the beach so that they could help me get out of the water. They said he wouldn’t stop barking until they went to see what the problem was.
Saved my life.

In 2019 we were in a car accident. I was air lifted and he was taken from me by an EMS. He was taken to a vet that was actually owned by the original Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Thankfully, he had no serious injuries and a friend was able to house him until a month later when I left the hospital.

He is now an ESA.
Saves my life daily.
He is MY hero.