Hero Dog Awards - Artie B.

Artie B.

Sarasota, Florida

Two years ago my husband, Terry, died by suicide. No one had any indication he was even depressed, let alone capable of taking his own life. At the time, we had two amazing labradoodles-J.P. Morgan and Tinkie. We lived in Berlin, Maryland at the time, and the abandoned restaurant where he died, was only a mile from our house, and if I were going to Assateague Island, I would have to pass by it each and every time. Terry and I planned to move to Florida and in his four page letter to me, he implored me to move right away and take the dogs and my mom-who live with us-with me. So, we moved to Sarasota, Florida seven months after he died. Both dogs were older and after about six months, Tinkie passed away from a massive lung tumor. I called our breeder right away to find another labradoodle, but then I thought I should check on Petfinder first, just to take a look. I was overwhelmed by the volume of pets needing a forever home, and I made the decision for the first time in my life to get a rescue dog. I found a sweet German Shepard mix, originally named ‘Artie” from Underdog Rescue in Sarasota, Florida. Artie was shy, as he was abandoned on a construction site in Alabama with his sister. I had to build his confidence and show him all the love he did not ever know. Soon, he was behaving like a trained service dog, pushing my mom’s walker, standing by her any time she got up from bed, and not leaving my side day or night. You could say we rescued each other.