Hero Dog Awards - Angel


Moulton, Alabama

We have adopted Angel from a local animal shelter. She was ready to ride home with a loving family and live at warm home. We adopted her and she turned out to be an inside “guard dog.” We are protected from two legged and four legged intruders.
I had a car accident in 1992 and I became disabled. She and I have slight breathing difficulty during allergy seasons. My parents were outside, beside my bedroom, doing yard work. I was having trouble breathing and I needed help, occasionally. She was looking at me and realized I needed help. She started running and barking loudly to our front. Mother had heard her and started toward our house. Mother was walking in our house and Angel started running toward my room. They both are standing in front of me and mother realizes my difficulty. Mother has learned which medication to bring to my to room for my breathing issues. When I start breathing normal again, Angel and I lay down under a cool fan, breathing fresh air. Angel will always be my “Guardian Angel.”