Hero Dog Awards - Addie


Fairbury, Illinois

My dad was on a job wiring a hog building in Missouri, when he sees this sweet little dog, skinny as ever, just running around with no collar.
He asks the farmer about the dog, and he says,”I don’t know, she just showed up here one day.”
My dad could see her rins, she was so skinny. He sees her begging for food, when these guys kick her, and she hits the wall on the other side of the room.
My dad and his job partner fed her some crackers, soup, and pretzels. After that, she followed my dad everywhere.
The day he was leaving, he wanted to take her home, but he didn’t see her in her usual spot, which was just a pile of trash she’d made on the asphalt. He kept searching, and he found her close to a fan, course it had been hot that day.
My dad made a pile of coats in the back of his work van, and he was just about to set off when the farmer saw Addie in the van.
“I’m so glad you’re taking her! She’s a good dog, you can tell! But I can’t have a stray running around the farm, and I have too many at home….you kept me from shooting her….”
Dad arrives home, she comes flying in the house, course she was 2 back then, and had wayyy more energy. I fell inlove with her, the second I saw her cut little floppy ears bouncing.
I didn’t realize how bad I felt about myself in highschool, and I hands down wouldn’t be here without her love…..I was bullied bad….but with her by my side, she us truly the one who’s saved me.