Hero Dog Awards - Abigail


Paterson, New Jersey

My sweet Abby, there is so much to say, where do I start ?
Abby was rescued from a shelter down south which routinely sends dogs to NJ for a better chance at adoption. The rescue I volunteered for texted me as the van coming up filled with rescues was leaving. Abby was a last second addition and had no foster home waiting. Would I foster her ? I said I had just lost my beloved dog Jazzy to CHF and not sure I was as ready to have another dog in my home. But since Abby was a tiny 5 pound chihuahua mix, and I have to say chihuahuas weren’t high on my list of favorite breeds and she would probably be adopted quickly , I said ok. They handed her to me after the ride up and immediately nestled her face in the crook of my neck. Needle to say Abby came home with me and never left. In 2017 my husband died unexpectedly and my life and world crumbled. Abby sensed I believe how sad I was and she never left my side, falling asleep at night held tightly in my arms. I have suffered from depression for over 30 years and the comfort Abby provided me was life saving. I would talk to her, cry to her . She knows my secrets and I know she loves me as much as I love her. Something brought us together and Abby is my hero dog because I continue my life today with her lovingly by my side.