Hero Dog Awards - Zuko


Denton, Texas

Zuko may not have been professionally trained through an organization like most famous service dogs were, but he has absolutely saved my life. I rescued him from an overrun shelter 4 years ago when I was in a really dark place. I didn’t plan on him being a service dog, I didn’t even plan on keeping him, he was just supposed to be a foster. But in the week I had him leading up to national adoption weekend, he showed natural behaviors in response to my medical episodes. I knew after that week that I couldn’t let him go. He finished his training officially a year and a half later and we never looked back. He’s the most kind hearted dog I’ve ever met. He’s everything I needed and more. I don’t know how I could live a normal life without him next to me every day. I really hope you consider him, he deserves all the recognition in the world and more.