Hero Dog Awards - Zeus Mikkel

Zeus Mikkel

Forney, Texas

My dog has saved my life multiple times. Twice with asthma he’s alerted so I could get to the hospital. I got to the hospital (because I always go when he alerts, just in case). I went to check in and I couldn’t tell the clerk what was wrong (yet). I sat down and 5min later had an asthma attack so bad, had I not already been at the hospital, I might not be alive.

Back in 2018, I started having excruciating headaches. After spending weeks in a hospital, I thought I was better to drive. One day, I went to leave the house and he wouldn’t let me leave. He kept getting between me & the door blocking it. I tried to get him to move and he wouldn’t. I finally got him to move and I started back out & he grabbed me by the arm & started pulling me backward so I wouldn’t go. 10min later, I had a migraine so bad I could have caused an accident. My vision was blurry & going in/out of “stroke like symptoms.”

As far as PTSD, I was in an extremely bad car wreck in 2014. After that, I did not drive (at all) for a long time. In 2015, I started to drive short term but still unable to drive long distances. Now, I’m only able to drive long trips because he’s there to redirect my attention or provide support if I start getting anxious, have panic attacks, anything that impairs my ability to drive safely.

On a road trip last year, I was almost abducted in Wyoming. Had I not had Zeus with me, I know I’d likely not be alive today. One of my scariest days.

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