Hero Dog Awards - zelda


fulton, Missouri

My Zelda, to me she is not just a dog or a service dog. This dog is my lifeline and without her my life could and would be a lot worse. Zelda every time alerts me with high and low blood sugars and most of the time she beats my insulin pump to it. She always has her clue as when to not let me get up or when she needs to be right up on me when I am standing or walking and unstable. A few months back I had got really sick and fighting not to go to the Hospital as I did not want to leave her or my family. But Zelda knew things were bad and she was not going to let that go unknown she would alert my family every few minutes and would not leave me and it came to a point when it was getting hard for me to breath and she sat right at me barking nonstop and she did not stop until my husband gave in and called 911 when the ambulance got here she was right there the whole time and she walked out with them as they put me in. Without Zelda being so determined to get me help that day I would have tried to keep fighting it at home and I would have lost the fight. This girl saved me and knew just what she had to do to get her point across. To me and my family and friends she is a HERO.