Hero Dog Awards - Wildes’ Henry Pawsitively Bulletproof

Wildes’ Henry Pawsitively Bulletproof

Magnolia, Texas

My German Shorthaired Pointer, Henry is my trained Diabetic Alert Service Dog. He started training for this very important job at 9 weeks old. He was taught to detect any dangerous spikes of high bloodsugar and dangerous dips into very low bloodsugar. His job is to keep me safe from going into a diabetic coma. My body odor and breath odor will change if my bloodsugar is at a dangerous level. He will then alert me by barking and grabbing my arm with his paw, day or night. If I faint or become uncontious in a public place, he will guard me until the first responders arrive. He has saved my life many times, especially while adjusting insulin dosages or different brands of Insulin. This dog means the world to me and he is my best friend. He is loving, sweet-tempered, funny, obedient, and very reliable. I love him to the moon and back. Life would be very difficult without him. He is now 3 years old, loves to play, run, swim, and cuddle in his free time. He knows when his service dog vest comes on, he is working. When the vest comes off, it is time to play and have fun!