Hero Dog Awards - Tubbs Sheppard

Tubbs Sheppard

Lacombe, Louisiana

Tubbs is a 5 year old Lab/Basset Hound mix who has not only helped me manage panic attacks and PTSD, but has become a beacon of light in my community helping me advocate in and out of the courtroom for assistance animals and their handlers. When Tubbs was 2, I plucked her out of St. Tammany Parish Animal Services because, despite her silly appearance, she was calm and didn’t bark despite being with the big dogs.

I’m a lawyer and it took me a long time to come to terms with my disabilities. It truly wasn’t until I found Tubbs and she provided help with my crippling panic attacks and depression that I felt like I was functional again. Before her I would dissociate, throw up on myself, and be unable to function for hours. Now she alerts me before the panic attacks take over my entire being and if they happen, she can bring me to safety or ground me before it’s too late.

Tubbs travels with me as I go to court and is an integral part of our nonprofit, Be Fierce & Kind Canine, which seeks to expand therapy dog services and implement therapy dog programs in courts, adult care centers, mental health facilities, youth-centered organizations, and corrections facilities while continuing to educate on working dog laws (service dog, therapy dog, emotional support dog, and facility dog).

In her spare time, Tubbs loves playing with Mr. Hedgehog, eating treats, and dressing up in costumes to make her Mom laugh.