Hero Dog Awards - Teddy


Apollo, Pennsylvania

Teddy is right by my side at all times. He has saved my life 2 times already in the short while he’s been with me. He can get me the news paper out of the paper box. He can also fetch me a bottle of water whenever I need it. He is so wonderful! I never had a service dog that is so well behaved so young! Teddy is only 17 weeks old. He has never bit me and was potty trained in a day! He’s been a life saver! Plus he gets me out of the house because he loves the park and lake. He doesn’t pay attention to anyone else around his focus is always on me and what I’m doing. He was never professionally trained so I feel god sent him to me. I couldn’t afford a trained service dog. So Teddy was a miracle! I hope you enjoy Teddy’s story!