Hero Dog Awards - T-bone


Grants Pass, Oregon

T is not only my physical assistant, but he is my diabetic alert dog. I have not done all of his training, he taught himself a lot by watching and learning from my (now retired) other service dog. Now when my sugar crashes he starts barking at me and won’t stop. If I don’t get up right away he goes and gets my DIL and brings her back to me.
Once we have begun adjusting it with juice or a piece of candy, if he feels I’m still in danger, he will gently take her hand or wrist in his mouth and not let her leave until he smells that it’s back to a safer level. Because my sugar crashes almost daily and I do not get any symptoms EVER, T saves my life every single time it crashes. Not even my drs can tell without checking my blood, but T can! I know without a doubt I’d be dead without this big gentle giant of a boy!
As for physical assstance, he lets me use him to help me stand up from sitting (weak muscles from myastenia gravis) and if he ‘feels’ I am about to lose my balance and fall (vertigo) he will press up against my legs to keep me from falling.
He follows me no matter where I go just to keep an eye on me. He has actually blocked me from getting up or from going outside (he weighs 200lbs!) if he feels my sugar is beginning to slide or he feels I won’t be ‘safe’ on my feet. He’s better than any human home medical assistant I could hire and he’s with me 24/7!