Hero Dog Awards - Spider


Fults, Illinois

My name is Jessica I served in the US Army for 11 years spent some time here in the states and about 2 years in Iraq. I spent a lot of my service in training, an Airborne instructor a Drill Sergeant and at War.

Being vulnerable and being able to ask for help and talk with people is really had sometimes. I was seeing councilors on 32 pills a day walking around like a zombie dealing with IBS and heart burn because of the meds I had to take for my night terrors insomnia from flashbacks and just horrible vivid night mares. I have PTSD with a TBI so I forget alot as well. I personally think it takes a lot of courage to admit you need help with something like this. I mean I was scared! So I knew it couldn’t only be me. I’m so glad I did and I know I have a long way to go for alot of different things in alot of different areas but Spider is definitely been the best thing the best choice I ever made!

Spider is so well trained he can do many thing to make my quality of life better! But even after he is done working he is still working. He loves me and I love him.

He will place his head on me checking on me if I’m ok when we are walking he looks at me to make sure I’m good. It makes me feel good that he is there for me. The rest command is amazing just anytime I need it he is there most the time when I sit down he is there he just wants to put his head in my lap.

Those are just a couple of ways Spider has a positive impact in my life.