Hero Dog Awards - Sigma


Orange Park, Florida

My service dog Sigma has been my side kick for over five years. He is more than a tool to battle my ptsd but a piece of my heart. In five years my triggers that would send me into a spiral have become almost non existent because of my battle buddy. To others it may just look like I’m snuggling with my dog, or that he’s knocking my phone out of my cause he wants attention. He senses my anxiety and feels my stress. That wet nose on my leg, his 80 pound body on mine in the middle of the night to wake me from nightmares , and never leaving my side has given me the sense that I’m never alone. I will always have someone in my corner. He makes me get up, he makes me go out and he saves my life everyday. He’s more than just my service dog that is on my hip like white on rice he’s apart of my family. He’s the best brother to three humans and had alerted me a couple time at night if something was wrong. In this photo Sigma was focused on his mama after she had to have surgery and was in a lot of pain. He kept a watchful eye on anyone that came in. He was glued to me during her surgery and he helped me stay calm for her. He’s more than just a black lab that likes snacks, tummy scratch’s and a good toy. He’s my everyday hero. We go to work together, we socialize together, we live together and together we will fight keep Veteran’s alive. We work for K9s For Warriors and together we train fellow veterans how to use their new battle buddies. I couldn’t do it with this dude by my side.