Hero Dog Awards - Samson


Hernandez, New Mexico

I am considered disabled because I have lupus and fibromyalgia which caused a great deal of pain for me. I need to keep mobile and cannot stay sitting for too long so I try and move around so that I don’t become stiff or sore from staying in one place for too long. However, I do get dizzy and need help so that I don’t fall down while walking around the house or the yard while trying to stay mobile. So, I got Samson to help me with staying mobile around the house and around the yard. I got Sampson when he was seven weeks old and I trained him myself . He has been the most amazing wonderful dog and partner for me. He is so kind and gentle and loving to me he is there for me as a friend and service dog she make sure I don’t fall down and he make sure to give me kisses when I’m sad and he gives me hugs it’s hard to believe a dog can give you hugs but Sampson does he licks away my tears when I’m crying and a couple of times that I did fall he was immediately there to help me up because he had walked away to go help another person because that’s just how Sampson is he’s always there to help someone even if it’s not me. And when he saw that I had fallen he was so guilty he was so upset with himself that he was not there for me I had to tell him over and over that it was OK that it was not his fault. Samson is the most amazing hero he truly deserves this award he’s my hero since day one he rescued me he rescued my heart because it was broken and Sampson healed it.