Hero Dog Awards - Salex Aurita of Flying M

Salex Aurita of Flying M

Gregory, Michigan

I was diagnosed with a rare and often fatal form of celiac disease called Refractory Celiac, as a former SAR trainer, I trained Willow to detect gluten to save my life. She was the 1st gluten detection dog trained in 2013 and passed away in July 2020. When Willow was 2 I got Aurita to work as a back up incase Willow became sick or injured. People heard about the tasks my dogs were performing which led me to start teaching other dog trainers and clients to train their own gluten detection dogs. Now there are hundreds of gluten detection dogs out there. Aurita was at the forefront of developing the training program for gluten detection and was the first to work in blind controls proving dogs can detect gluten. She loves to train and work and I am always looking for things to do with her to fulfill her enrichment needs in her life. She was a beta test dog to develop ODOR Service Dog’s inc Gluten and Allergen Title and retested and titled in it in 2021 She has also passed The ODOR Service Dogs Inc Public Access Test which can be found on their website. She also does mobility work when needed retrieving item I drop and some by name and performs Asthma alerts. She is one amazing girl with an amazing nose. The life expectancy for someone with refractory celiac was 3to5 years until gluten detection dogs came around. I was diagnosed in 2011 that was 11 years ago and I am still here. I would not be alive without the services Aurita provides for me.