Hero Dog Awards - Saint


Prairieville, Louisiana

Saint from the moment I adopted him at 2 and half months old has given me a new purpose in life. Life before Saint was mundane and a bit boring to be honest. After Saint life became so much more interesting. He was the best cure for my depression. I often joke that in the two years that he has been my sidekick, he has been the best therapist I could ever see. Saint is very much like the typical Malinois and a velcro dog but he is also high drive and I needed that in my life. Someone to give me reason to get up every morning and go out and do things. Get up and go to work and enjoy living life. Watching him makes me smile and never give up. He has also made me fall in love with a breed I never knew existed and that I now want to help with fostering and finding forever home for. Saint also has touched others lives in our travels and made so many smile and he gives me so much life everyday. However, I know that he always has my back and he is always my second set of eyes. He knows me better than I know myself. He picked up on my migraines and started alerting me on his own the day before I was going to start training him to alert for them. He is truly special to me and our bond is like no other. I don’t think life with any other dog would be like life has been with Saint. I know it isn’t and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Saint is my hero dog and that is all that matters. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him.