Hero Dog Awards - Sailor Nicole (Say Say)

Sailor Nicole (Say Say)

Henderson, Kentucky

She is my whole world and my guardian angel sent from above. Sailor Nicole has saved me from being hit by a vehicle by grabbing my shirt and pulling me back. She informs me when I am getting ready to have a stroke by grabbing my arm to make me sit down. She will stop and look both ways before crossing the street. We will sit and talk about everything and if the answer is yes to my questions she will nod her head yes. She was sent to save my life I would count on it. She is the smartest little fur baby I have ever had to pleasure of knowing. She truly deserves this honor and I am hopeful she will be chosen. I stress she has never been through not even 1 day of training she taught herself everything and I did not even help train her. I honestly believe she was born trained. She is my guardian angel sent from above and please kindly consider my angel because I am the one truly blessed to have her in my life.