Hero Dog Awards - Sadie


Valley Springs, California

Sadie was adopted by me when she was 4 years old. She had been abused and abandoned. She was frightened but high energy and very quick to learn. Shortly after getting her I had a health set back and was losing the use of my legs due to disc and nerve issues in my back. We went from obedience training to task training right away. Within 6 months she passed her public access test. Sadie can push door openers and pull or a wheel chair. For me this was life changing. From the larger tasks she began micro tasking by handling money, credit cards and grocery items. I wasn’t able to do much for myself and this dog stepped up and changed my life. She was with me in physical therapy, trips to the hospital and everywhere I went. I was able to get out and enjoy things again even though it was quite a while before I could walk. Her strength and enthusiasm got me out of that wheelchair and gave me back a new ‘normal’ life. She became my mobility dog then. Smart, quick to help and enjoyed training and working. She retired in 2014 as her hearing was lessening but never stopped task work at home. She successfully learned signing for work at home. I have her to thank for getting me back on my feet and helping me through difficult times. Now she is 18 and has her own moments of struggle and I am her service person. At times I now assist her with mobility. The very least I can do for my personal hero. We have had quite a long journey together. This picture was taken on her 18th birthday.