Hero Dog Awards - Ruby


Seaside Heights, New Jersey

My service dog Ruby is at my urology appointment with me the day I got my Foley Catheter out after 5 months. Ruby is an amazing kind and caring girl who always loves to make me happy even when I’m having a hard time with my PTSD and anxiety she licks me to bring me back to reality. Ruby is always is by my side and helps me live a more normal life by helping me with my mental health by just being by me and also just puts a big smile on my face when I’m depressed. She has saved my life numerous times and knows when I’m not doing well even before I know it. She may look like a regular dog but she is quite literally my hero dog because of everything she does for me like seizure response, PTSD response and anxiety response. Without Ruby I couldn’t live a normal life even with medications for Epilepsy, PTSD and anxiety I don’t have a normal life but with the addition of Ruby she does more than the meds ever could.