Hero Dog Awards - Remington


Boise, Idaho

Remington or “Remi” is a five year old female German Shepherd mix who steals everyone’s heart as soon as they feel her sweet spirit and experience her spunky personality. I can honestly say that she is my best friend and has quite literally saved my life many times. Remi has allowed me to go and do all the things that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do without her by my side. She is the most fun to train and watching her learn new things is the most amazing thing to witness. When I first met Remi, she was terrified of people and had zero confidence. Working with her and training her has been the most rewarding part of our relationship because it has not only strengthened our bond but has taught me what I am truly passionate about – training dogs. Because of her I am pursuing a career in dog training, building my own business, and have gained more confidence in myself. Without her in my life I may not be here today. I was very lucky to have found her and been able to help each other work through our fears together as a team. I nominate Remington for the American Humane Hero Dog Award.