Hero Dog Awards - Raven


Tucson, Arizona

Raven has helped my life TREMENDOUSLY, not only with her tasks, but while training her we formed such a special bond and only some people will understand that bond, we talk without words and understand each other on a whole other level, she’s taught me more than I’ve ever taught her, she’s my guardian angel and best friend, so many things would go from bad to absolute worse without her and I will never ever be able to thank her enough for that. she loves working, I see it in her eyes and body language, the look she gives me when alerting tells me more than what her alerting is supposed to mean, she WANTS to do it, she loves doing it, she enjoys going out when we do, she’s quite a special dog and I just want her getting the recognition she deserves, my words and actions to her feel like it will never show my true love and appreciation to and for her, I wish I could for this dog at least half of what she does for me,I hope she knows she and what she does means the WORLD to me. I can’t imagine life without her, she makes it so much easier, there’s still struggles of course but she makes them better, less rough on me, and when I’ll sadly have to retire her, I know our bond will be different from my next dog, even if they train the same, because she’s my first big dog, my first service dog, and nothing will NEVER change my outlook on everything like she has. She has such a place in my heart, I love her so much, and enjoy working with her every day, and her goofy quirks of course!!