Hero Dog Awards - Princess


McMinnville, Tennessee

Princess started as a farm dog. When she was a pup she learned how to say “hamburger”, “I want one”, “bird”, “I don’t know “, “hungry” and a few other words. I even talked her into saying “meow”, but it was too weird, and never did it again. She learned how to fish from a crane, but only got water up her nose. When she was three years old I learned I have cancer. Two years later my doctor said I needed a service dog in case I passed out (I have a letter from the doctor stating I need a service dog). Having this dog already, getting another would not have been a good choice. We trained for a short time before she was ready. She behaves perfectly, even in restaurants even though she knows what people food is. She has been on airplane flights across the country and is in the airlines “approved “ database. She has summoned help two times, and most likely I wouldn’t be doing this without her. I just hope to live long enough to see her to the end of her life so she won’t grieve if I go before her. She is a hero to me.

P.S. She likes to watch dog training videos, and learns from them.