Hero Dog Awards - Presley


New Haven, Indiana

Presley is the walking embodiment of a hero. Because of his ability to work, so can I. His brain is constantly learning. His nose is amazing…if I drop pills, he can smell the bottle and locate them for me. He keeps me safe so I don’t suddenly pass out from hypotension. I have several medical conditions, Dysautonomia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, neurological disorders associated with Multiple Sclerosis. He gives me the ability to remain a functional, independent adult with an amazing quality of life. He has several working and conformation titles as well and recently earned a Best In Show Triple Crown award given to the dogs who have proven not only to be amazing show dogs, but have the whole package…stellar health testing (echo, holter, hip/elbow/eye certification, no evidenceof thyroid disease, etc), phenomenal temperament and proof of being a well-rounded working dog. This was one of the highest honors he has achieved in the dog sport world. He was recently cross-trained and certified by Therapy Dogs International in preparation from possible retirement from working as a service dog, though thus far he shows no sign of slowing down. Part of his training for service as a young dog was at the hospital where I work as a Nurse Practitioner. He is a natural empath and some say he has human qualities. Doctors, nursing staff and patients look forward to even a glimpse of him. He has brightened so many lives, including mine. He is my world. I have life because of him. He is my hero