Hero Dog Awards - Poppy


Concord, California

Poppy has been the hero for our family since we got her in 2018. She is trained to alert to high and low blood sugars for our 7 year old daughter Ava, who has been type 1 diabetic since 2015. Getting a service dog was the missing tool we needed to help manage our daughters condition, especially at such a young age when she is unaware of her body’s blood sugar going in and out of range and it is hard to convey to us when something is wrong. Poppy has been on multiple cross country road trips, to weddings, graduations, numerous state and national parks, Disneyland on a dozen occasions, and a handful of Bay Area sports games. She goes everywhere with us and has provided our daughter with not only the security of knowing her blood sugar is in range, but a source of comfort and companionship that warms our hearts. She is a sweet and loving dog, and she is well known in our community of family and friends who helped contribute towards the funds of getting Poppy trained. Poppy is also an honorary Girl Scout with her own uniform and is getting ready to start her third year of selling Girl Scout cookies with Ava. Even if she doesn’t win the hero award, she is still a hero to us all!