Hero Dog Awards - Poppy


Placerville, California

As a Foster Volunteer for Foothill Dog Rescue of the Sierras in Shingle Springs California, we were all asked to come to the facility and take a rescued dog home from a high kill shelter. Out of the 9 dogs that would have been killed that day, I saw this cute little black PomChi jumping up and down in the Ex pen she was in with her shelter Roomate and I picked her. At that point I was only planning to Foster her. But I knew something was very special about Poppy. When I got her home, she nuzzled into my neck and I fell in love with her instantly! She won me over and I Foster Failed and Adopted her for my own in the first week! After 3 months of owning Poppy, she started alerting me for low blood sugar on her own, which I already had because I was Hypoglycemic. I did not train her to alert me, Poppy could sense and smell the change in my body before I did! She has saved me many times since then alerting me before a huge drop in Blood sugar. I take her everywhere I go. She’s even been to Paris France, Madrid Spain and Belgium. Since I’m a dog trainer for many years, I could put the Public Access training on her to be in public places and behave appropriately wherever we go. I tell her I saved your life Poppy from death, but you’ve been saving mine every day since I got you! It’s a true rags to riches story for a little dog found wandering on the street lost, rescued from the shelter on her death day and finding her forever home with a very special purpose! She is my Hero Dog!