Hero Dog Awards - Phoebe


New Orleans, Louisiana

I am pleased to nominate Phoebe, the service dog for New Orleans attorney Jonathan. Phoebe’s charm and devotion would make her an excellent choice for the honor, and she has recently been recognized as Louisiana Service Animal of the Year by the state government and Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards.

Phoebe is an eleven-year-old mixed-breed Jon rescued when she was a young adult dog. She accompanied him on his move to Louisiana and has remained his service animal throughout. Phoebe is a strong and sturdy dog who can help pull Jon’s wheelchair over the difficult terrain of New Orleans streets. The extra oomph she gives helps Jon fully integrate into the community as she joins him at work and when socializing. Phoebe possesses the intelligence and calm temperament to work in the lively and unpredictable city of New Orleans.

When Phoebe is not working, she is an extraordinarily charming and friendly dog. Her charismatic presence in the office and about town helps to promote acceptance of service animals by acting as a positive example. Phoebe is the first certified service animal many people (myself included) have been able to interact with directly, and her excellence in her dual role as both working animal and friendly dog allows the people she meets to better understand service animals’ places in the lives of the people they help and in society at large.

(Image above is of Phoebe at Louisiana’s Old State Capitol for the Service Animal of the Year ceremony)