Hero Dog Awards - Niiji


Cass Lake, Minnesota

I rescued Niiji from a person who beat him daily, never gave him a name or any form of training and put him outside so long he nearly froze to death.
I began to train him to take the place of the service dog that had died in my arms. He had very big paws to fill! It took him only a year to adjust from being an abused dog to fulfilling his duties as my service dog.
He now is my diabetic dog, he tells me when I need to eat something because my blood sugar is low.
He is my Traumatic Brain Injury dog and helps me deal with the many issues of living with this debilitating Disability. He braces so when I fall he helps me get up. He helps me calm down during my frequent panic attacks from my TBI issues that can be overwhelming. My son and his family live in Georgia so he helps me deal with the many details of navigating the Atlanta airport, and is my constant focal point so I can concentrate on the tasks that involve traveling by plane. He’s been on 44 planes, earning several Delta Wings for good behavior during the flights!
He attends all.my doctor appointments and puts his head on my lap while my blood pressure is taken, it is as if he knows it helps me. Doctors have ask if he could be the hospital therapy dog because he’s so calm.
He is my hero too! One time he woke me up when he smelled smoke in my kitchen early enough so I could call the fire department and save me and my house!
I love this dog with all my heart and could never be as independent as I am without him.