Hero Dog Awards - Nash Duvall

Nash Duvall

Portland, Tennessee

I decided to get Nash as a companion when my husband passed away. Nash has been a blessing for me since he was 8 weeks old. He took it upon himself to help me live my life easier in so many ways. Nash helps me up when I fall & stand from sitting, picks items up & brings them to me, helps me up ramps & stairs, helps me walk when I have to go a distance, comforts me when I feel anxiety or depression setting in, makes me feel safe & loved. Nash goes everywhere with me, he’s my side kick in life. He helps me deal with being out there in the world again doing basic tasks in life, meeting & talking to people again. He seems to know when I need him without me saying anything. His 4 tasks for me are help, brace, pull & bring but does so much more. I didn’t know how much I needed him in my life. Without him I wouldn’t go or do much & my every day life would be a lot harder. These past 5 years he has always been right here by my side, helping me in so many ways & has helped others in need. When he acts differently in public I know something is up. So far he let me know a lady was going to have a heart attack, child was going to have an epilepsy seizure, a lady was going to pass out & his someone’s PTST was going to kick in. He is always there for me & others when he is needed. His service dog trainers enjoyed having him with them & called him the unicorn dog. He has given me the help I need to live the best life I can. I can never repay him for all he does for me.