Hero Dog Awards - Nala


Stuart's Draft, Virginia

After the retirement and soon after the passing of my previous service dog I began training Nala. Nala was actually picked out by him when she was roughly 6 months old. She has come a long way in the years I’ve had her and in the past 12 months of task training has excelled.

Nala learned what she needed to and did very well during one of the hardest times while her handler was grieving the loss of her precious service dog and having had her child all within the same month.

Through the tasking Nala does on a daily basis she saves her handler every single day. She loves to work and lives for her handler. A service dog is more than just a pet and Nala is exactly that.

Nala is a service dog who works hard to save her handler from the battle she faces every day with her disabilities. For that she deserves the title of American Hero Dog.