Hero Dog Awards - MUGZ


Des Moines, Iowa

My son has complex medical needs including PTSD, due to past abuse by agency caregivers and likes to be an active part of his community, conquering Autism everyday. Sometimes bridging the anxiety and socialization was really tough; until his best Buddy Mugz joined our family! Through extensive training classes and hours of home instruction, they’ve become a bonded team of public access!
There are days were Mugz performs pressure therapy for John to reduce anxiety/stress and sometimes it can be a few times a day. However, one of the greatest gifts Mugz has is tracking John if/when he elopes from me when shopping. Eloping has been an ongoing safety struggle for over TWO DECADES! So, training Mugz to find John was such a blessed relief.
Mugz also performs a rear block from behind John, to ensure his safety and social comfort, relieving some anxiety. Without Mugz I know my son’s quality of life would remain limited & controlled by the past abuse he suffered. Mugz speaks to John & understands him on a level I’ve NEVER been able to reach, and I sit silently in captivating awe of this HERO.
Mugz has given John the courage to journey forward in life.
We rescued Mugz as a teeny runt from a shelter and I’m beyond grateful he’s joined our family and stepped into his purpose!