Hero Dog Awards - Monet


Brewster, New York

Monet has many times in the past warned me of my hypoglycemia. By barking, nudging my arm or whimpering loudly he has somehow told me that my blood sugar is low or dropping.
Just three months ago I felt tired, so much so that I decided to nap. This is how fast the hypoglycemic attack came on. My brain felt foggy and I was irritable and disoriented. I just wanted to lie down. I blacked out slightly only to wake up to Monet barking sharply and pulling me to my feet. Latching into my sleeve he dragged me into the kitchen where he knew to go into the “brace” command. Leaning on him I was barely able to open a can of soda and I drank. Within minutes I was aware enough to call my mom and she came home to help me. It should be noted I was home alone.
If it hadn’t been for Monet’s quick thinking and training I could have gone into a diabetic coma. Even if he doesn’t get the nomination, he will always be my hero dog!