Hero Dog Awards - Mitternacht Dwight Hunter

Mitternacht Dwight Hunter

Warrensville, North Carolina

I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2016 and was struggling hard to maintain life each day. A Boy Scout friend and his mom took on the task of finding me a puppy. Dec 17, 2017 they called and said they had a 38 day old puppy that had lost his mother in a drowning accident and the owners were looking for good families to take the 10 puppies. They picked one out for me and brought him home. I had trained search and rescue dogs before, so I talked to VA and it was decided that I would train my own PTSD dog. It has been an amazing 4.5 years and Mitternacht is the perfect best friend. My anxiety is under control, no more suicidal thoughts and he wakes me up whenever I have nightmares. My entire life has changed since he came in to my life. I was stationed in Germany so I speak German. All his commands are in German and even his name is German. Mitternacht means Midnight in German. He goes everywhere with me and the entire small town I live in knows him. He is truly my hero and saved me from being 1 of the daily 22.