Hero Dog Awards - Maxwell Smart

Maxwell Smart

Santa Rosa, California

Maxwell Smart was found on a SoCal freeway on the inside shoulder. I was on a waiting list for a service dog when I found him. I found out I could train my own SD so I did. Maxwell Smart is trained to assist me with my complex-PTSD. He also alerts to low blood sugar levels and migraines before they get severe where I’m able to take necessary steps to get myself taken care of. We are part of the non-profit group Psychiatric Service Dog Partners. Maxwell Smart has saved my life more than once with his unique ability to help me in my psychiatric attacks. He can guide me out of a store if I’m having a panic attack or helps me by getting me to breathe with him as he applies deep pressure therapy to my chest during an attack.
Maxwell Smart also goes to work with me in a skilled nursing home where he has touched many lives of staff and residents alike. Once he laid down with a lonely patient who passed shortly later and the family was extremely appreciative of Maxwell Smart love for their loved one. Maxwell Smart is truly an angel sent from God. He had the biggest heart of any dog out there.