Hero Dog Awards - Maggie


Burgaw, North Carolina

Maggie my service dog is a heart dog because she has saved my life from the day I met her. I got her at 7 months old and started to train her to be my service dog when I started to train her she picked up an asthma attack 10 mins before I even had one and it saved my life. To this day I love her for it she has saved my life so many times from falling to going to get help for an asthma attack to even finding my family if I’m lost. Maggie has done so much that she even provides me the support I need to be independent. Within the last 2 years of her working she has gained so much work and skills to even do therapy dog work and service dog work at different times and still do her service dog tasks if needed.
When I flew the first time as a team I was nervous because she never been on a plane, I was worried that she would make me look like a fake service dog team but nope she proved me wrong and did amazing on the plane. I’m so proud of how far she has came from being hyper to being a laidback chill service dog who always wants to cuddle with mer mommy and daddy when off work.
But once she sees the harness it’s go time and she is ready for work and gets serious. I would love to say thank you Maggie for always being so loyal to me and also always wanting to help me everyday and everywhere when I need you. I always will love you forever and ever and will always keep falling in love with you. Your the best service companion ever. You also remind me of my dad when he was alive.