Hero Dog Awards - Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan

Muskegon, Michigan

Luke Bryan started his life very difficult. I found his as a scared little pup at 3 weeks, dirty in a dark dingy garage with dead puppies and fear in his eyes. I took him home nursed him back to health. Healing his body was one thing but healing the unknown abuse this poor boy had gone through was another thing. By the time he was 3 months old everything was going to hurt HIS mom. So I started basic training to get him on track. By then the doctors had been trying to figure out my health issues while I was pregnant. Luke started nose booping me randomly and being very clingy. Then I’d have an episode. I realized this little pup was telling me a few minutes before I was having trouble. So I looked into training him as my service dog. By the time he was 1 year he was in vest, by my side everywhere. Here we are 8 years later. He has guarded me through every episode. He has taught me the early signs that I didn’t recognize. He has taught me to destress. He keeps me calm. As you can see, he is a beautiful model for my passion of photography. He has allowed me to get back out into the world and enjoy my freedom. I owe that dog my life. He is my best friend. He relaxes a lot more nowadays as the doctors have found meds to help. But he is my hero. I don’t think I would’ve ever left the house alone if it wasn’t for Luke. He is the goodest boy.