Hero Dog Awards - Louis


Hedgesville, West Virginia

Louis I rescued when he was 4 months old back when it was illegal for his breed and they euthanized them in va. I drove over 4 hrs to get him and I’ve had many best friends in my life but Louis is special in his own way and we can read each other. He definitely has personality. Louis has saved me a few times losing my life due to dv. He’s been enjoying life like always ever during his year so far of retirement, his favorite seat if not next to me on the couch is this here like in the picture on our giant ottoman. He was self trained, he picked up so well and easily. I didn’t start training him to be my SD until he was 2 1/2 due to that’s when I more so needed one. He instantly took to the training. He’s my gentle giant, and he still works but at home because after so many years of doing that it’s a habit. Louis has been attacked by multiple dogs, but 2 have been the worst .the one exactly a year ago almost killed him. He’s been a trooper through it all! He’s doing well and fully healed up though, the er vet did an amazing job ! And he took it easy!