Hero Dog Awards - Leila


Big bear city, California

My service dog leila has stepped in to help with tasks for me being in wheelchair user n combat veteran with ptsd.she enables me to go into public atmospheres more often.post position to keep people not directly on me.she kayaks with me to keep me more physical n laugh n enjoy life.she can be a class clown n makes me n others laugh.she touches many veterans lives at va hospital A know command paws up.so quadriplegic friends can nudge her fur n she n laugh. N comfort. She was puppy raised by young woman with many farm animals so leila loves all animals..I’m able to go camping in more populated areS with people as she settles me n can comfort me.im a burn surviver so I drop much outa hands n I give her command n she picks up for me.so as my anxiety doesn’t climb.at neighborhood restaurant they love her well behaved n considered mascot..without her personality in my life I’d be stuck home n antisocial n more into my depression.she enables me to engage life n brings others out of there shell.. she is a hero cause her spirit makes many smile .she knows how setup n cross paws for intro others.. she my hero as she’s saved my life n enabled me to live life not just wander in it…canine support teams got perfect match two of us.. I can now periodically sit with my back to doors n didn’t before. She is my hero n many disabled veterans at va hospital where I get my care. I also use n explain her as a service dog to others not understanding a service dog.