Hero Dog Awards - Lane Harvey

Lane Harvey

Great Bend, Kansas

When Lane was only a year old he detected his first seizure. I didn’t know what happened but when I woke up, he was there. Making sure I was never alone. I have created a bond with Lane that no person or other animal will ever break. He is my hero, my best friend. Since the day he detected his first seizure, he has been with me for over 250 episodes. He has since retired but is doing well training the new puppy to do his job when that time comes.
My dog Lane deserves the title of American Hero Dog because there is nothing that I could ever give him to say thank you for everything that he has done for me. He gave me back my life. He helped me through college when I never thought I could go because of my condition. He has made my life worth living again. I know, because of him, that I will be okay. I can do anything now. He deserves to be rewarded for his service.