Hero Dog Awards - Kenai


Midland, Texas

Kenai is my medical alert service dog. He has been my partner since he was 11 weeks old. Kenai was taught basics first and then task trained. His first task he learned was self harm interruption. I have a tendency to pick and scratch and he nudges me to prevent that. In the picture, we were taking a walk in a local nature park, one of his favorite things to do! I think Kenai deserves the title of American Hero Dog because he has saved my life literally every day, from preventing and responding to a seizure, to reminding me that I have at least one thing in this world who loves me. He is the best friend that I can ask for. Kenai has been my constant, my familiar, and my world for the past 4 years. He has helped me though so many different obstacles of life and shown me that I am stronger than I know. He also should be named the American Hero Dog because he allows me to have independence in life and not have to rely on a “service human” for day to day life. Kenai makes life bearable for me and helps me with everything from simple things to the most difficult things. Whether or not if he wins the American Hero Dog, he will continue to save me and be my best friend. But I believe he deserves this opportunity because of the amount of love he’s shown me in the years I’ve had him and the year he will continue to give me.